about jacky

my story

Being passionate about health and fitness, I relocated to Ibiza from London – where I ran my own busy Pilates studio – with my family in 2012. Being a keen runner, with an ex-athlete hubby, Ibiza offered the perfect outdoor healthy lifestyle and I have never looked back.

After having two children and feeling my body changing, I needed to find an exercise that would fit in with my busy lifestyle. I started Pilates many years ago and have simply realised that unlike many other forms of exercise I have tried. Pilates is for life!


my philosophy

I am the only qualified Body Control Pilates teacher with a studio in Ibiza and the standard I teach is of the highest level.

Your safety is paramount during my intense and versatile sessions and I am extremely passionate about teaching top quality Pilates with a friendly and fun approach.

Pilates is for everyone, I look forward to meeting you.


my membership

Being a member of the Body Control Pilates Association (BCPA) which is Europe’s largest Pilates organisation, means I must adhere to stringent training programmes and continuous professional development.

I am also a member of the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPs) as an accredited Pilates Teacher Level 4.